Selection Committee & Idea Selection Process


The Selection Committee will consist of 18-21 people who care about Marion and want to be part of the process of narrowing the lists of ideas down to the final 3-5 best ideas.

We encourage anyone who is interested in this process to fill out an application. All applications will be reviewed by the ImagiNEXT Steering Committee. No member of the ImagiNEXT Steering Committee will be a member of the Selection Committee.

Selection will be based upon achieving a balanced representation of the community. The Selection Committee will be announced to the public through local media channels and via the website in January 2018.

Applications for the Selection Committee are no longer available.

Idea Selection Process

Selection Committee members will meet 7-10 times between January week 4 and February week 3 to develop criteria for the selection of ideas, and begin to narrow the list to the top 100 ideas.

A community vote will further narrow the list to the top 30 ideas and the Selection Committee will determine the final 3-5 ideas.

The Selection Committee will make decisions that will shape the future of the Marion area for years to come. Selection Committee members may face public scrutiny and will make, perhaps, tough decisions. At the same time, participants will have the opportunity to be a part of a rewarding civic process and will receive the support of the ImagiNEXT Steering Committee.

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