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A 23 member Selection Committee has been hard at work sorting through over 3,000 ideas. Any ideas that were clearly private sector (restaurants, specific retail stores) have been narrowed out of the finalist pool but will have a task force working on these and other ideas that were not finalists.

Now it’s time for the community to help narrow the process further and have the opportunity to show support for the remaining ideas.

The ideas are conceptual in nature and if chosen, will continue to be developed by  individual committees. In order to achieve a group of ideas that can be implemented over a reasonable timeline, you will be asked to choose a number of ideas in each time category.

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Hard copy ballots are also available at:
Marion City Hall
1225 6th Ave
Marion, IA 52302

Marion Public Library
1095 6th Ave
Marion, IA 52302

Idea Collection Complete

During idea collection, each idea was given one of  4 corresponding categories.  The categories were broad to help with organizing the results.

Arts, Culture, Programming & Recreation–  places to go & things to do

Government–  public safety, local government, community identity, human services, transportation, infrastructure, land use & environmental issues

Social Fabric–  faith communities, health & wellness, communication, media, non-profit & civic organizations, population diversity & education

Economic Development– commercial, labor force, housing, industry/business


Community Wheel

As you brainstorm ideas that can make our area a better place to live, work and play, consider the Community Wheel. It can help you think about a wide variety of segments of Marion beyond places to go and things to do.

Comm Wheel

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